Wednesday, 13 August 2014

See you in Google - Guest Post

This guest post was written by Ascen Perez.

In the information epoch, we are surrounded by all kinds of advertisements in the street we pass, in the television we watch but now the more popular way is to see a webpage full of banners. The method of advertising has transformed a lot due to the development of internet.

The conventional advertising method such as television and radio is losing its importance as before especially for the young generation. Imagine the people who are sitting in front the television now. Nearly all the people who have access to internet do not have the patience to wait for their program after seeing many tiring advisements, otherwise, they turn to the computer which provides all the information they want. In this way, the advertisement also turns their direction to the presence online. Therefore, the optimization in search engines such as Google and Bing plays an important role in online advertising.

E-commerce is becoming more popular every day and many entrepreneurs set their business based partially or totally on Internet.  The unique and more effective way is to promote the business through the online method.

I will give a brief tips on how to improve the positioning of a company in the search engine. If you need to prepare a good SEO strategy, I recommend looking for a professional of this field in the website in order to benefit your business.

The SEO strategy is divided into two parts as SEO on-page and SEO off-page (link building).
SEO on-page refers to the construction of the whole website and a number of factors which aim to provide value to both search engines and end users. Some of these factors are the following:
     Domain Name
     friendly URL
     headers (h1, h2…)
     Upload speed
     File Names
     Domain History
     Longevity domain
     Hosting Information
     Time spent in the web
     Consistency in outgoing and inbound links

I would like to highlight the importance of content. It is the essence, and it is what makes your users stay on your website or leave it. The website must outline the business objectives with relevant keywords and all the categories well classified.

Another reason that the content area is so important is because it will help in the link building strategy. It means, getting links leading to a site from other websites and blogs.

Creating good content is not an easy task. Content should be unique, original, of general interest and properly organized. Results will be amazing, if it moves the emotions of the people.

Another way is to cooperate with the external websites such as media or influential blogs which have a good quality to be promoted. And it is also important to actively appear in the social networks as Facebook, twitter and YouTube which support the positioning, specially branding and getting traffic to your site.

The digital marketing is a new area with fast rotation. We should always keep alert and be creative to be different from others since SEO has become an essential part of the digital marketing system and it should be implemented for better positioning and getting more visits to one’s website.

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