Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Google Updates I Missed During My SEO Break

So I finally write a new post after over a year… This is long overdue and I can only apologise! But I’ve actually been busy having a baby! I had a baby last year December and it is unbelievably almost a year already! All I can say is it is it is an amazing experience; want to find out more? Check out my Call Me Mummy Blog.

Now one thing I have learnt about the SEO industry is it can be a very unforgiving for taking such a long break like that. I was gone for less than a year and I missed three major Google updates which have changed the playing field for SEO. Now that said, the basics still remain the same with some more emphasis placed on certain things… Thank God for little mercies.
Here's a list of some of the main Google updates which I've read about since getting back to:

Google Panda Update – Now this happened around preparations for my maternity leave so I sort of knew about this. The long and short of the Panda Updates is quality content is still king. Do not mess with the quality of one's content and make sure you're providing unique content for your users. Forget about scrapping content because that will be seen as duplicate content and that can lead to a penalty and loss of visibility and traffic to the website.

Google Penguin Update – I missed this one during my leave but it targets black hat SEO or what is now called negative SEO/Over-optimisation. Guess Google was getting tired of seeing lots of crappy websites in the first page for keywords which just was not related. I think this is pretty standard and straightforward stuff - build websites for users and not search engines and you’ll be fine.

Google Venice – Missed this as well, it targets localised search and makes search results more specific to your location. This is means if you're searching for say 'Tesco shop' it takes your location into consideration and gives you the location and of the nearest Tesco to you. This is really quite handy but means personalised search is getting stronger. Read more about it

Google Bigfoot – Lastly, the Bigfoot update is based on the diversity of search result page or the lack of it really. This means Google should return actually be returning more unique domains on the search result pages; however the results still seem a little unclear. This is one of those tweaks worth monitoring to see where it goes. For now I'm still seeing the same domains in the result pages so not sure how that works...
Read more about it

I’m still trying to get back up to speed with the updates changes so in the meantime if anyone can suggest good reads they’ll be highly appreciated!

On a side note, I am going to try to get this updated from time to time but seeing as I'm a working mum now, well we'll see how it goes! I just love say that... Working mum :)

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