Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Top of the Posts for 2010

Welcome to 2011!

I'm so glad and thankful to the Most High that we made it. I'm sure we all made our resolutions and all. Yes, I made a few myself, but keeping them for now...

I figured a good way to start my blog in 2011 would be to do a recap of 2010 blog posts and see what the top posts were. Hopefully that'll give me an insight into what areas to focus on in 2011. Feel free to drop your suggests for areas which you found most interesting and enlightening...

To make this easier for me, I've decided to go with a top 10 approach to counting down the best of my blog posts. So without further ado, I give you the top ten posts for 2010 starting from the bottom:

On Page Optimisation & Tips for doing it Right 
This actually started out as a guest post over at Kikolani's blog titled Simple On-page tag Optimization for Bloggers, but I realised it was just too much to take in in one post so decided to spilt it up and publish the other part on my blog. It talks about general on-page optimisation for website, including things like keyword research and internal/external linking strategy. Pretty basic stuff...

Guest Blogging Sites - Great for Bloggers
I wrote this when I just discovered Blog Engage and My Guest Blog and reaslised how powerful guest blogging/posting can be. Although it's sad I haven't been able to do as much guest blogging as I would like I'm going to try and revive that for 2011 (one of my resolutions...) because it's such a great opportunity to meet new readers and network.

Using Google Webmaster Tools for Keyword Research
This was an updated article on using the Google Webmaster Tool for keyword research, the first article can be found here. The first article was more basic plus GWT was updated with more information which I found very useful for keyword research, so I decided to blog about it and give it an update.

Facebook Pages Vs Accounts, which do you prefer?
I wrote this when I was getting frustrated at seeing personals accounts being used as business accounts. I just couldn't get my head around why someone would prefer to use a facebook personal account for business when the pages were there. I believe most people have seen the benefits of facebook pages but I still come across the odd few here and there...

Geolocation and Geotargeting - Getting the right Audience and Location
This was actually written in response to a question related to this topic which a friend of mine over at Techsling asked me. I figured since I had done so much research into it and was quite happy with my results I'll publish it as blog post, which I did! Glad that I did, turns out it was helpful for people.

301s Don't Pass Full Page Rank
This was a guest post written by Ben Hook from Navaro which touched a topic which was quite popular at the time of publish. It talks about the benefits of setting up 301 Redirects but also noted that they don't pass on the full pagerank to the redirected page. It lastly talked about what the alternative to redirects were if you had to redirect pages.

Choosing the Right Keywords Using Google Keywords Tool
This was similar to the keyword research using Google Webmaster Tool but instead talks about keyword research with the Keyword Tool. I had a lot of fun writing this as well because I was just learning how to use it myself so it was literally fresh in my head and exciting.

The Power of Internal Link Building
This article which seems to be one of the favorites of most people (and mine too) seeing as it came in second talks about internal link builidng, which is something I believe is highly undermined. It can go a long way in helping internal pages by getting it to rank on search engines and letting the search engines know the hieracrhy of your website.

Talking about hierarchy brings us to the number one blog post -

Using Subdomains and Subfolders for Websites
This article was the most searched and viewed blog post on the blog. It talks about using sub domains and sub folders for websites. It can be a very confusing decision to make but they both serve different purpose so knowing what you want to achieve first goes a long way...

That's the round up of top posts for 2010. Hopefully there will be better and more insighful posts in 2011. In the mean time I hope to get my blogging juice back and resume blogging as normal next week.

Lastly, I mentioned last year I had a personal project I was working on, so I'm happy to reveal to you all, My Wedding Blog! That's right, I'm getting married! Feel free to drop a comment and fill the guestbook so I'll know you were there...


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