Wednesday, 8 September 2010

An Interview with African Genes

I recently got interviewed by African Genes on being an SEO Analyst at Epiphany Solutions and here's a link to my interview.

African Genes is an online magazine that celebrates talent and highlights personalities of African Origin. I think it's a brilliant idea to encourage ourselves and reading people's story should do this. Once again, the Internet is a great place to share it things like this and I love the idea, so well done to African Genes, keep it up people!

I was totally shocked and honoured to be asked to do the interview, another first for me. This one was different from my iPhone Bootcamp Interview because this relates to my career in SEO and I was more 'settled' (mainly because it was a written interview). African Genes asked questions related to my career, along the lines of how I got started in SEO, what a day at work is like and lots of other interested stuff.

I really enjoyed having the interview and I hope you enjoy reading it as well.

Please feel free to drop comments and questions either here or at African Genes.

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