Monday, 13 September 2010

The Google Alphabet Brand with Google Instant

Right, so now that the SEO world has calmed down a bit, seeing that the world hasn't come to an end with the unveiling of Google Instant, we can move on! I'm not going to go into too much details on Google Instant, but if you want more info, check out this article, written by some of my company experts and Google. The bottom line is Google has made searching more dynamic and real time. Literally as you're typing your search query on the Google homepage, it's not only predicts what you're typing (Google Suggest) but the search results actual change as you type. It's actually quite cool, for a few seconds, until it starts to get annoying with all the weird suggestions and changing results!

Anyway, that isn't the main topic for discussion today! I came across someone's Google Alphabets here and decided to create mine! Basically, for every alphabet you type into Google, its supposed to come up with a list of site suggestions, starting with that alphabet. These suggestion are supposed to be based on search history and popular searches... So I'm going to give it a try and see what mine says about my search history.
  • A - Argos the store
  • B - BBC News (really now?)
  • C - Curries (I don't think I've ever come here before, online that is)
  • D - Debenhams (I like debenhams, quite expensive but nice)
  • E - Ebay (Guilty)
  • F - Facebook (that one was obvious)
  • G - Google (d'ohh)
  • H - Hotmail
  • I - ITV the channel
  • J - John Lewis (hmmm...)
  • K - KLM Flight
  • L - Lotto (what?)
  • M - MSN
  • N - Next stores (Guilty again)
  • O - O2 Phones
  • P - Paypal (yep, use them a lot)
  • Q - QVC (what??)
  • R - Rightmove Property (not really)
  • S - Sky TV and all
  • T - Tesco the store (Oh yeah)
  • U - Utube (Youtube)
  • V - Virgin Media
  • W - Weather Forecast
  • Y - Youtube (Again?? That's not fair)
  • Z - Zara the Store(naaaa...)
Okay really, this is a lie! I don't go to half of these websites! It just goes to show that Google is really pushing the big brands out there (especially stores and shops), it's going to be harder for newer and less popular websites to be found. And what's up with Youtube coming up more than once?
It'll also be interesting to see if we all get the same search results, so please have a go and let me know whether they match, I heard it's supposed to be quite different, especially for people in different regions (I would love to see Naija's own!).

Google Instant isn't showing up all over the world, yet, but I believe it'll soon become global, based on what Google said. All in all, GI isn't bad, I could live without Google changing things for a few months, but that's just the SEO Industry, I guess...

What are your thoughts on Google Instant and have you had a play with it? Are the alphabet results similar? Do let me know your thoughts and results! Thanks in advance!

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