Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Why Blogging on SEO/Blogging Won't Stop

I've been blogging for a few months now and have come across so many blogs on SEO and Blogging (my SEO sites lists to name a few). I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Heck I've even seen blogs which talk about why you should stop blogging on blogging altogether. But I think it's quite impossible, sadly.

The fact is every one's always going to be looking for a way to learn how to blog 'better' and optimise their website 'further'. In answer to that, everyone is always going to think they have the best tips to do this so they'll continue to create blogs that talk about their personal experience on blogging and SEO tips. I'm also talking about myself here, after all, I am guilty. I'm not trying to justify my actions or my blog but its just the way it is...

People will always talk about blogging better and doing SEO better because in the end that's what everyone wants to know. Even though you have a garden blog, a poetry blog, a photoblog, no matter what it is, you're always going to be curious to know what else you can do for your blog to grow in community and comments. In other words, you're always going to come back to SEO/blog sites.

I sometimes feel a little guilty about my SEO blogging, hence on a good day, I make a conscious effort to visit my commenter's blog, especially new commenters (most times it's out of curiosity, to know a little more about them). But half of the time, they're talking about something I really can't relate with so I end up leaving the site without a comment and no reason to go back again. They never knew I was there... that's one lost connection on the Internet. Sure, I could retweet a post, but is the post suitable for my readers? If it's not suitable for me, then it can't be suitable for my readers, so why RT at all?

It's also ironic because SEO and Blogging niches are the hardest blogs to get revenue from, trust me, I would know... In my line of work I look for websites and blogs everyday and I've never gone looking for a SEO blog before! It's always something specific, but never SEO or a Blogging blog... I'm sure a lot of people don't realise it when they start blogging, but once they do, they start creating other blogs related to other interests and topics, then the revenue come rolling in.

I think we all should accept the fact that people will always blog about SEO and Blogging. Whether it's to document their journeys, to make money online, to help the community or just for the fun of it. SEO and Blogging blogs are here to stay, so let's get over it and get with the program!

And to all the bloggers out there who have been able to resist the urge to blog on Blogging and SEO, well done and don't stop blogging about what you love...

Long live SEO and Blogging!!
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