Thursday, 1 July 2010

Epiphany Solutions - New Beginnings

I just started out with my new Digital Marketing Company called Epiphany Solutions. I must say, it was quite an eye-opener.

For those of you who don't know, I left my previous company and blogged about it, titled Dimasoft - Another Curtain Call. I started with Epiphany Solutions today, the 1st of July. I figured it was another milestone for me and what better way to 'mark it' than to blog about it?
From the little time spent at my office today, I can tell that I still have a LONG way to go with SEO. Epiphany Solutions have been in the Digital Marketing Industry for well over 5 years now (I'll get the complete history lesson soon) and they have the experience to show for it! I mean they are so structured it amazing! Where as my humble self knows next to nothing about any structured approach when it comes to SEO. That's one thing I'm going to enjoy learning: Structure!

I've also got a SEO mentor(s) and other SEO team mates to learn with and from. I can now literally throw questions across the table and get a response like that! It should be some good fun...

However, as with new shiny things entering our lives, something old has to suffer...

I'm afraid I won't be able to blog as much as I used to or would like. I will always try to post articles from time to time, especially as I going to be learning alot (in fact, I believe the quality of my blogging should actually improve! Quality of Quantity). But just in case things go a little slow here, please understand I haven't abandoned my blog, but it's the demands of the new job!

I hope I'll be able to juggle everything together but I don't want to make promises I can't keep, hence this post. It's also quite frustrating because here I was going on and on about my new project, but oh well, we'll get to it some day, sooner rather than later.

I'm still just an email alway so don't hesitate to drop them. My twitter and facebook account will still be as active as it can, so I'm still reachable there too.

Thanks to everyone once again, but don't worry, you haven't see the last of me yet!

Here's to my new Search Marketing company! Looking forward to the journey...
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