Friday, 25 June 2010

Blog history - Why Blogger and Not Wordpress

A lot of people have asked me how I got stuck with when is obviously the better of two giants. I'm not sure if I've every really answered but I figured since I'm planning on doing a few changes to my blogging lifestyle over the next few weeks I'll mention it and give you guys a heads up on my future plans which I'm quite looking forward to... Don't worry, it's nothing drastic!

Note: This is not an SEO related post but more along the lines of personal as the tag/label implies....
Two Sides.egg by tcholland on Aviary
Two Sides.egg by tcholland on Aviary

On hindsight, a sub folder - would actually have made my life a whole lot easier in terms of PageRank, internal link building, and maybe even keywords; I've also written a post on using subdomain and subfolders (so yes, I'm guilty). For one thing, I'm pretty sure I would have been ranking #1 for 'Famakinwa' (my surname) by now, Deji, take note!

So why didn't I go for it? To make my life as uncomplicated as possible! People who know me will hear the lazy girl in me talking right now...

I started out with a static website and got a free HTML template. I then decided to implement a content management system to help me blog. Obviously, the first choice was, with all its flexiblity, so I began the work of migrating my diary template to my Wordpress platform. It was initially fun but after a while, like all coding work, it started getting annoying, especially when things would move left when I wanted them to the right or just plain disappear!

I had so many ideas and blog posts rearing to go in my head so I decided to dump the wordpress project and just move on to blogspot and get a simple template there. Once I did that, I realised I could actual host my blog on my own domain. The catch was it had to be a sub domain, which I would technically have no access to. Made life simple for me? Yap! So I jumped at it. I thought it would be nicer and more professional than having the boring blogspot attached to my blog URL anyway! No regrets.

That was how seo.tolafamakinwa was born using blogger.

Months later and I've turned my blog into a nice little niche SEO blog which sometimes restricts me when I want to rant about something other than SEO. So, I've decided to go back to my initial project.

I'm looking to create which would be what it was always meant to be: my diary or journal, which every you like to call it. This would also be more for my non-SEO friends who get bored when all I talk about is SEO (if I upset people with this, then I honestly do apologise ;-) )! I'm quite excited about it (as usual) and I'm hoping I'll be able to get it fully up and running within the next few weeks or so. Especially since there's going to be a lot happening in my life pretty soon... will always be my first love, especially as it talks about something I love doing. I think I'll also continue to run it on blogspot for a bit, at least until I've gotten the hang of (which I have been told is a piece of cake). This way I get to maintain a blogspot and wordpress blog, cool! Next stop, Drupal!

I'll be honest, I am a little nervous about running two blogs when I'm barely running this one! But I believe it would push me a little more and my diary will most likely only get updated once a week anyway.

At the moment my diary isn't up and running but watch this space, I'll definitely give you an update as soon as the first post goes live.

Once again, a very big thanks to all my online friends and family who've being patient with me, supported and encouraged me and also RT'ed my post on twitter! Much appreciated...
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