Friday, 30 April 2010

Twitter and Me - Trying to Survive the Madness

Personally, I've always looked at Twitter with wary eyes. I was totally against it. It was Facebook or nothing. Then I got a job in Search Engine Optimisation and my talk has since changed. Everyday I see how important Social Media Marketing is, not just for businesses but to SEO, marketing and yes, even friendship. Twitter is great to get your message across, to 'meet' interesting people, join in conversations all over the world and just mingle. Most of you already know all this so I'm not going to go on and on about it (too much). This is not a guide on how to use Twitter, I'll be pretty crazy to write a guide after such a short time of using it. It's more along the line of how I'm trying to survive on Twitter.

I started using Twitter when I began blogging, which is about two months ago (March to be exact). I figured Facebook was personal, so I'll make Twitter more friendly and open and just go with the flow. I also wanted to find out what all the fuss was about with Twitter anyway!

I had read lots of articles on people to follow on Twitter, like 25 SEO Gurus you should follow on twitter so I added those people on my follow list. Next, I went through most of the blogs I read and added the writers too. My twitter account was for SEO only, as my twitter name, Tola_SEO implies. What came next was quite obvious.

I ended up having too much information on my twitter page and I got lost. I quit twitter for a couple of weeks after that. It was absolute madness!! What was I doing?? Eventually I gathered the courage to start again. So I struggled and I tried to survived, still trying infact...

Still on the struggles, I begain publishing my articles on twitter using Tweetmeme, I saw lots of people doing it, so why not? That has been very helpful, it's encourages people to share my articles and still keep track of it at the same time. Thanks to everyone who has every "RT'ed" an article of mine, or even a tweet of mine for that matter. Suddenly, just when I thought I wasn't doing too badly I realised people had actually tried to have conversations with me on twitter! Well not exactly conversations, more like dropped a tweet saying stuff about/for me! Like OOtheNigerianSemmyat, Babzinc and John Aguiar who might think I ignored them but I didn't see it for a while, well better late than never! Thanks guys for teaching me a lesson or two using twitter, amongst other things...

I might not be a twitter expert but I think I'm getting there and in fact things can only look up now that I'm using the terrific Twitterrific iPhone app! It filters a lot of the talk going on on Twitter, especially the parts where I've been mentioned, sometimes that's all I need... I think I'm going to be okay, I'm learning that sometimes it's best to just switch off and ignore tweets. At other times, I go through almost all the tweets for information and I find lots of great stuff. And besides, if I ever get lost again, I have twitter experts as friends who I can always turn to, right?

Will Twitter ever take the place of Facebook in my heart? Nope. But it will definitely make my life as blogger a lot more interesting and engaging. If you'll like to follow me on twitter and watch me NOT make a mess of it, my account is Tola_SEO.

What about you? How do you use twitter? What are your techniques and tools for surviving on Twitter? Honestly, how do you guys do it?? Is there anything else I'm missing out on Twitter?
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