Monday, 8 March 2010

My very first time with SEO

Right, so this is my very first post. And yes this is a bit of an experiement. I've seen so many blogs so I decided to make one of my own and manage it for a bit.

I'm an SEO consultant, or at least that is what I want to be called in the next few years. I stumbled on SEO by mistake when I was offered the job of a Junior SEO Consultant in place of a more technical role. At first I wasn't quite sure it was something I wanted to do but in the end I went a long with it. That was about 4 months ago, since then, I have not looked back. It has been one learning experience after the other. 

It is actually amazing the amount of knowledge I have gathered and learnt over the last few months. In September if someone had asked me what SEO was, I would probably have said, "Excuse me?? SE what?!", but now it is totally different. I have learnt so much about Linking building and link building and more link building. I've gotten to the point of believing there has to be more to SEO than link building. So I have decided to make a change and learn more, by research and actual experimenting and what better way is there to do that then on my very own blog?

So watch this place and please don't be a stranger.
Welcome to the SEO For Beginners Blog.
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