Tuesday, 30 March 2010

iPhone Boot Camp here I come!

Many thanks to for an absolutely great opportunity!!

I still can't believe it! Last week a friend of mine, OOtheNigerian brought the iPhone Boot Camp Scholarship Programme to my attention on facebook and I was intrigued. At first I wasn't too sure if I was something I was strong enough to do so I made further investigation into it, going online to read up more on the iPhone programming language. At last, I summoned up the courage to send an email to the organisers to make inquiries and got a response that that was the last day for applications! I didn't have to think twice about it! I made an application to the iPhone Boot Camp Scholarship program there and then! For me, it seemed like the right thing to do because I absolutely LOVE Apple. There is just something beauitful and elegant about their apps and their products. So when I saw this offer of scholoarship for ladies interested in learning how to develop iPhone Apps, I said why not? I mean why look a gifted horse in the mouth, right?

Here I am today, the Winner of the iPhone Boot Camp Scholar London.

A big thank you to Herimone, Jonathan, Charlie Gamble, Kate Ho, Elvin Ali and everyone else on the team for giving me this great opportunity. I'm really looking forward to this experience!

The programme is scheduled for the 9-11th of April in London, so I've got a lot of catching up to do between now and then. I honestly hope I'll have the time to blog more about it as I learn but if not, I'm sure you all will understand.

Wish me luck!!


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